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martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Standard Bank Interview Questions 2010

Standard Bank Telephone interview lasted for about 40 minutes, I was interviewing for the IB role in London and the questions they asked me were (in this order):

- What makes you stand up among other candidates to the IB internship?
- What are the steps you have taken in developing your career towards IB?
- Why do you want to do Investment Banking?
- Why did you apply to Standard Bank?
- When have you shown good communication skills? Can you put an example?
- What are the benefits you expect to gain by following an internship with us?
- What motivates you to succeed under pressure to deliver?
- What three adjectives will use your friends to describe you? Why? Can you show examples?
- Excluding technical ones, what abilities do you except to develop the most if you follow an internship with SB?

Hope this helps!


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