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martes, 26 de enero de 2010

Los consejos

En pleno proceso de escribir un ensayo del que estoy muy orgulloso, y a ver si lo termino hoy y lo subo cuando me devuelvan la nota, os dejo el tipo de feedback que nos dan aqui (despues de entregar un boceto del ensayo de 1000 palabras)

Dear Bosco,

I'm sorry for the delay getting back to you. I have been away.

Your draft is a very good starting point for the essay and you have done well to decide on the comparative examples you have come up with with the. The essay is also well written and referenced clearly.

In order to move the essay on to an even higher level, you need to think carefully about what the essay is asking you to discuss. That is, is the question asking you to discuss, theory, methodology or empirical fact? If the essay is asking you to show an awareness of the different theoretical positions found in the new institutionalism, it would be helpful to devote more time to what rational choice theory is saying, why and how to you can falsify the position. If you want to discuss voting to do this, then that is fine, but it would help to devote a bit of time to explaining your decision making process here. Also, your choice of voting in the US and in Spain is interesting, but you could make it work harder by going into more detail about the outcome of an application of rational choice theory v cultural institutionalism in these contexts.

Best wishes


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